​​New Pattern Counseling LLC

Rhys Pasimio, LPC, CADC II, CSAT Candidate

​Growth. Change. Hope

    I have benefited tremendously from excellent teachers and invested supervisors. Now, one of my favorite things to do is support counselor development.
    I completed my 30 Hour Supervision Training in February 2018 and am eligible to begin seeing providers and students for supervision beginning in April 2018.

      Please inquire about individual and group supervision options for both LPC and CADC licensure.

​Rhys Pasimio at New Pattern Counseling offers integrated, person-centered, solutions focused counseling for co-morbid drug and alcohol addiction, as well as sex and pornography addiction. Further, NPC provides culturally sensitive, trauma informed, sex positive Queer and Trans Friendly services to the LGBTQ community. Rhys Pasimio uses talk therapy to address gender and sexuality issues, addiction issues, existential and spiritual issues to teens and adults living in Gresham, East County, and the Portland metropolitan area.

    Studies show that participation in a group is extremely beneficial for most people in most situations. Being in the group environment can augment individual work, and group work has even been known to intensify and accelerate individual therapy.
    Group therapy is not required by me, but I will likely present it to you as an option.
    Typically my groups meet weekly and run in 12 week cycles. If you choose to participate, I ask you to commit to one group cycle at a time.

Currently I facilitate the following groups, and am working to develop others:


     I offer speaking engagements as a contribution to interested communities. Topics of interest include mental health(depression, anxiety, trauma), addiction and recovery(drugs, alcohol, pornography), gender and sexuality, LGBTQ+ issues, gender roles, dismantling toxic masculinity, faith crises, the integration of spirituality and psychology, human growth and development, non-violent communication, mindfulness, relationships and health boundaries, and self-care.

     Honorariums for engagements are appreciated, and in some situations, I am able to travel. 

Clinical Approach

Person Centered

Solutions Focused

​Cognitive Behavioral




Sex & Body Positive

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    Individual therapy makes up most of what I do. My therapeutic approach is first and foremost person-centered and individualized, meaning that I tailor my approach to your individual needs and preferences.
    That said, I frequently utilize the cognitive theories,  combining elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. I also draw heavily on principles from Narrative Therapy, frameworks from Existential Therapy, and the conversation mechanics of many sessions draw on Motivational Interviewing and a Solutions Focused Approach.
    Drawing on my spiritual tradition, I am committed to creating a therapeutic space that is welcoming and hospitable, patient and compassionate, rigorously brave and relentlessly optimistic. I see you as possessing great dignity and having great value. My honor is to walk along side you and search out the good in you, even when you cannot find it yourself.
   Individual sessions last 50 minutes. Many clients see me weekly to start then shift to meeting once every other week, but this pattern is flexible, and entirely dependent on your individual situation.


Individual and Group Counseling, Clinical Supervision, Teaching, Speaking Engagements


People are complex.

Counseling is personal.

Counseling should be practical.

​Counseling is a journey.

There is hope.


Addictions, Gender & Sexuality, Faith and Spirituality, ​The collision of all of the above

Clients Treated

​All Genders, ages ~12-55~

LGBTQIA Concerns

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Sex and Porn Addiction

Co-occurring mental health and addiction concerns


Existential and Spiritual Concerns