​​New Pattern Counseling LLC

​Growth. Change. Hope

New Pattern Counseling offers addiction counseling and dual diagnosis therapy addressing alcohol and drug addiction, as well as sex addiction. Further, NPC provides culturally sensitive, trauma informed Queer and Trans Friendly services to the LGBTQ community. Rhys Pasimio uses talk therapy to address gender and sexuality issues, addiction issues, existential and spiritual issues to teens and adults living in Gresham, East County, and the Portland metropolitan area. Rhys Pasimio further offers speaking engagements, as well as clinical supervision in individual and group settings.

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Rhys Pasimio offers speaking engagements as a contribution to interested communities. Topics of interest include mental health(depression, anxiety, trauma), addiction and recovery(drugs, alcohol, pornography), gender and sexuality, LGBTQ+ issues, gender roles, dismantling toxic masculinity, faith crises, the integration of spirituality and psychology, human growth and development, non-violent communication, mindfulness, relationships and health boundaries, and self-care.