I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Multnomah University. I have internship experience from [site name] and [site name]. The road has been long, but I have allowed my passion for others to propel me towards my goals. My main purpose in developing this new career is to come along side struggling people and give assistance as I have been assisted in my own personal journey. I care. I know how to roll up my sleeves. I believe there are answers for those who look. Like the song also says, “Don’t expect a free ride from no one”, counseling with me will be a nurturing team effort, and hopefully never boring!

Rhys Pasimio, LPC, CADC II, CSAT Candidate

    I love stories. My favorite stories are character based, where the protagonist, or ensemble of characters go on a journey and have many adventures. By the end of the story, they have learned, grown, overcome tremendous obstacles and become entirely different people. This is one reason I love being a counselor; I get to see heroic stories play out every day, and I get to be someone helping others take a more active role in authoring their own stories.

    I have been counseling since I completed my counseling degree in 2011. I have worked with addictions, co-morbid addictions, sex and sexuality concerns, trauma, anxiety, depression, relationships, life transitions and faith crises. Trauma informed LGBTQ specific services have always been a major aspect of my work. Making space for people of faith has been also been a prominent part of what I do. I welcome individuals of all gender expressions, though I have tended to work more with male-identified individuals and men’s issues. In my professional and person lives, I am committed to supporting men in re-writing the narrative of toxic masculinity that is laid on them by society.

    I am white passing, and always seeking to grow in cultural humility and awareness of my own privilege.

    I am a cisgendered male, ever seeking to chisel out a practice of masculinity that rejects any form of violence or oppression. I am ever learning to better understand and value gendered experiences that are different than my own.

     The Portland area has been my home for fourteen years and I love my city! If I’m not in the office, I may be bouldering, cycling, practicing yoga, out with a friend for coffee or sushi, reading a book on a bus, or having adventures with my family. My favorite free time activity is writing, either in a blog or in what I hope will someday be a best-selling science fiction novel.

   My training was at Multnomah University; I completed a Master of Arts in Counseling degree. My studies focused on the intersection of spirituality and psychology.

    My undergraduate internship was at a men’s residential addiction treatment facility. My first post-graduate counseling job was at Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare’s Plaza clinic, providing dual diagnosis and LGBTQ specific counseling services.

    While at Cascadia, I completed requirements for my licensing credentials. Currently, I am credentialed in Oregon as a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counseling II. Contact info for my governing boards is below.

    After Cascadia, I worked at Western Psychological & Counseling Services, providing mental health services to adults and teens.

    In September 2017, I started my private practice, New Pattern Counseling. My practice is build on values of being accessible, affordable, trauma-informed, culturally humble, and integrated.

David is married and has five sons. When not working, he enjoys hiking, biking, traveling, and spending time with his wife and boys.

Given his background five sons, working as men’s ministry leader, and as a counselor at men’s addiction recovery facility) David focuses his counseling efforts toward men. He counsels those struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety, psychosis, isolation, grief, anger management, fathering/parenting, and men’s issues. He offers individual and group counseling.

David Van Diest, MA

David began his professional life in publishing where he worked with some of the most recognizable authors in the country. Over the years, he held numerous positions including sales manager, marketing director, as well as vice president of sales and marketing for a small publisher. He then transitioned to become an independent literary agent where he acted as his authors’ advocate and voice in negations and dealings with publishers. He has spoken at dozens of writer’s conferences and has taught workshops on marketing, book proposal writing, and general publishing issues.

David trained and was certified as a Walk Thru the Bible Old Testament Instructor and has a broad range of experience in leading seminars and workshops.

For three years, David served as men’s ministry leader at a church in Gresham. During this period he counseled dozens of men through difficult life circumstances. It was while working with the church when he decided to become a counselor.

During his graduate program, David worked at a men’s addiction recovery facility for a year where he counseled men recovering from a variety of addictions. He graduated with a master’s degree in counseling and is an intern counselor, under supervision, at a counseling practice in Gresham. 

New Pattern Counseling offers addiction counseling and dual diagnosis therapy addressing alcohol and drug addiction, as well as sex addiction. Further, NPC provides culturally sensitive, trauma informed Queer and Trans Friendly services to the LGBTQ community. Rhys Pasimio uses talk therapy to address gender and sexuality issues, addiction issues, existential and spiritual issues to teens and adults living in Gresham, East County, and the Portland metropolitan area. Rhys Pasimio further offers speaking engagements and clinical supervision in individual and group settings.

Dan Hooley MA, LPC Intern

My life could be defined by the song, “Humble and Kind.” Many of the lyrics capture what was instilled in me growing up where I did. Notions like, “Don’t steal, cheat, or lie “and “Help the next one in line” also “Hold the door, say please, …thank you” but mostly, “Don’t take for granted the love this life gives you”. These lines are easier sung alone in my truck barreling down the road than lived, but they do invite us to think - what ARE the important elements in life? How do we find them or live them out. I believe counseling can help with these questions, and with the search for a simpler life. Could I get a double shot of less-anxiety-to-go PLEASE!     

Growing up in the rural timbered Aims Community nestled in the Cascade Foothills, I developed an affinity for exploring and the curiosity related to the great expansive outdoors. Many rich experiences of hiking, fishing, and riding my bike to friends’ houses helped me establish self-reliance and a love of nature. Later I pursued employment in these same woods and countryside. In this country setting, I also developed a strong sense of connection and relationship with the people. I began to seek out helping others through various volunteer opportunities within the community and discovered I was gifted in serving to people’s needs, especially kids and teens. I gladly began to fill much of my free time volunteering as a coach, church youth worker, or camp counselor.

These activities energized me to do more. So after 28 years of marriage and raising two kids, I went back to school with the goal of building a second career around my passion for young people’s success.

​​New Pattern Counseling LLC

​Growth. Change. Hope