​​New Pattern Counseling LLC

​Growth. Change. Hope

    I believe people are each multi-faceted beings, and that every component of a person affects all the other parts. Our thoughts affect our emotions affect our behaviors which in turn impact our relationships and environments which over time shape our deepest and most sacred beliefs, from which arise our thoughts and emotions…

    Spirituality means different things to different people. Some people understand this concept in the context of a specific religious tradition. Others understand this as a sense of and pursuit of ultimacy and meaning making. Still others associate even the most gentle expression of spirituality with deep hurts and trauma.

    Whatever the case, each of us interprets the world through a particular set of values, assumptions, “shoulds” and ideals. I observe that people thrive when they are able to specifically articulate their core beliefs, why they hold them, fully understand the cost and implications of those values, and are able to make meaningful connection and contribution from their beliefs. I observe that dysfunction, distress and confusion arise out of unexamined beliefs or when lifestyle practices and deeply held beliefs are in dissonance with each other.


One of my tasks in addressing spirituality with a client is to support them in closely examining their beliefs, their questions and doubts, then developing sustainable disciplines by which to practice what they believe.

    I also believe spirituality is important because sometimes life presents us with problems that have no easy solution. We encounter impossible scenarios, profoundly disturbing questions, and unresolvable tensions. The problems seem to be endless and there is no escape in sight. In situations like these, sometimes the key to making it through is knowing we're not alone. I am not afraid to wade into the uncomfortable tension and trudge alongside the client facing existential and spiritual distress because I have hope that healing and abundant life can still be found, even on a difficult journey.